Flush Mount with Rinser Hole 6" X 8" Drip Tray | Recessed | S/S #4
Flush Mount with Rinser Hole 6" X 8" X ¾" Drip Tray | Recessed | S/S # 4
Flush Mount with Rinser Hole 6" X 8" Drip Tray | Recessed | S/S #4
Flush Mount with Rinser Hole 6" X 8" X ¾" Drip Tray | Recessed | S/S # 4

Flush Mount with Rinser Hole 6" X 8" X ¾" Drip Tray | Recessed | S/S # 4


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8" Stainless Steel Flush Mount Drain Tray w/ Drain and Rinser Hole 

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The Flush Mount with Drain and Rinser Hole style drip trays are designed to mount flush to any surface with a relieved opening. Drip Trays are made of 18 gauge. Stainless Steel in #4 brushed finish. The corners and seams are welded and ground to either a brushed or polished high finish. All exposed edges are deburred smooth for safety and appearances. Each tray comes with a standard 18 gauge. perforated screen. Drains are 1 1/2" long, 1/2" NPT Pipe Thread. Angled bottom for drainage. We supply the suppliers of Restaurant and Bar Equipment.

  • Stainless Steel #4 Brushed Finish
  • Our FMD has a Drain for liquid to run down - 1/2 NPT pipe thread.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Deburred Smooth for Safety
  • Perforated Screen
  • Rinser Hole (Rinsers sold separately)
  • All Rinser Trays and Sprayers require a Water Regulator (sold separately)

Flush Mounted "Recessed" Beer Tray Drawing (Spec Sheet)

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Perfect addition to my jockeybox!

Installed this to my jockey box setup.The glass rinser and tray itself is something I don't see many jockey boxes have so this is extremely cool to me! It is powered by a 1.1GPM diaphragm pump. Its native cutoff pressure is 35psi, which is way to high for the rinser. I added an adjustable pressure switch with NO/NC/CO terminals to regulate the pressure to 15PSI, the recommended pressure. For some added flare I installed some waterproof LEDs that switch between red and blue with the rinser on standby vs in use. Made possible by a SPDT relay. All the components run on 12VDC. Being that a jockey box is often in the field at a home-brew festival, or even out in the backyard, the system had portability in mind.