The Finest Draft Beer Equipment

Here is a catalog of ACU's standard restaurant and bar products. For the best in draft beer equipment, it’s ACU Precision Sheet Metal! We carry the best products ranging from Kegerator keg towers, beer dispenser towers, drip trays, and draft beer tray accessories. Our draft beer equipment has been used by the industry since 1959. Using a beer tap for home or for installing a commercial draft beer system can look as good as the beer tastes. Do not settle for cheap plastic beer dispensers or cheap drip trays. Everything we manufacture we do with the highest quality, all made in the USA. Whether it is through single column towers or multiple faucet towers, the beer system you choose to have a home beer tap system or a commercial keg system, it is up to you or your customer to present your product to make the experience of dispensing come alive. We have or can build the beer equipment to do it right.

Draft Beer Drip Trays

ACU Precision Sheet Metal has an amazing collection of durable draft beer drip trays ready for a variety of installations for both home and commercial use. The drip tray is the accent to the beer tower. Our drip trays keep the drips from your tap faucets clean, so you have a clean dispensing area.

We manufacture a variety of drip tray products. Shop surface mount/ countertop, wall mount, flush mount / recessed, bevel, cut out, and wrap around trays. If you are looking at a wall mounted tray, shop our shadow boxes built for wall mount trays. You may also want to add a glass rinser to your surface, recessed, and wall mount trays. A glass rinser sprayer cools down the glassware, to make serving the draft beer easier and makes the beer taste as the beer manufacturer intended for your bar!

Draft Beer Towers

ACU Precision Sheet Metal wants you to complement your bar or home and set the mood with our large selection of draft beer towers. Take gratification in the pours and choose the best beer tap tower for you! Beer dispensing towers ranging from bridge, pass thru, metro, underbar, T Style, and column beer equipment towers.

Beer Drip Tray Accessories - Beer Parts

ACU Precision Sheet Metal sells replacement draft beer rinser sprayers for drip trays. We also sell a water regulator and have drain bolt kits for all of our draft beer drip tray products. Our rinser drip tray items are sold without the rinser. We do this because a customer may want a different type of rinser or use another beer dispensing company rinser.
Click on the Metal Finishes page to learn more about the different types of metal that could be used to make the draught tower or draught drip tray that will make your bar stand out above the rest. 

We do not build or provide the internals to offer full beer system items. We have our distributors (customers) for that as we build the dispensing units and drip pans. Most customers can find ways to build keg products the way they want. This means we do not sell beer lines, beer faucets, fittings, shanks, and or refrigeration equipment. We do sell Jockey Box drip trays, but do not sell the jockey box beer systems or line. We do this because we are the manufacturer of these items. Our distributors have field guys who can install dispenser equipment; however, with a bit of knowledge, you can make the best beer equipment possible by placing an order with us today.

For Full custom draft equipment, please visit the appropriate quote section below. 

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