Reviews of ACU Precision Sheet Metal's Draft Beer Towers and Draft Beer Drip Trays.
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Restaurant / Bar quality. I also purchased a new beer tower. Both items were very reasonable and high quality.

Glass rinsers

We needed new glass rinsers for our bar and these were perfect. They showed up quickly and they were exactly what we were looking for.

Just what I wanted

It was a pleasure dealing with ACU. My order was processed promptly and arrived
on schedule. I still have to complete the assembly of my bar but this tray will be just
right as a finishing touch.


Works perfectly, very well built!

Excellent product

Beautiful brushed stainless steel drip tray, immaculately fabricated. Packaged to handle the rigors of shipping, it was delivered in perfect condition.

Pic of not-quite-finished dispensary.

Everything good. Received products in a timely manner.

beautiful and fast service.

I was lucky enough to have ordered one that was in stock and it arrived a day early! Amazing craftsmanship and great quality piece!

Drip tray

Bought this for my brother in law, he has a kegerator and was needing a long drip tray for 8 taps.
As an engineer this product is extremely well fabricated and put together, very impressive!
I almost want one for myself although I have no use for it....!
Much cheaper ordering direct from the manufacturer, Amazon was a ripoff!!

Great Tool

Great tool ! It’s easier to use than the one Polaris gives you. The bigger radius opens the clutch rollers in one throw , allowing the belt to slide right off.
The handle doesn’t hurt your hand because shock adjustment side isn’t digging into you. Great job Team ACU.

16" SS drain tray with drain

The workmanship looks to be terrific!

Looks like the picture

Haven't used it yet but construction looks good and i am sure this will make clutch removal so much less painful.

Perfect addition to my Jockey box!

It comes standard with a 5/8" brass tube for the drain which doubles as the mount. For my application I used double sided tape to the wood, and used a 90 degree elbow that was 1/2" barb to 1/2" hose barb. I smoothed the barb ridge so it would fit snugly inside the welded drain stud and caulked it to seal the water. I did this as I could not find a 5/8" 90 degree elbow in a straight thread. Works great! Really does add that professional quality to the jockey box!

Well designed and perfect addition to my keezer

I have a big 22.3cu keezer and needed a large enough drip tray to accommodate all the taps. The glass rinser I added at the last moment and so glad I did. It is the main feature of the Keezer! I get a lot of compliments on it. The glass rinser supply line, It normally comes with a straight hose barb, but elected to have ACU send me a 90 degree elbow instead. Depending on your application you can purchase the elbow separately. I've included both pictures to see the difference.

Glass rinser has straight threads, not tapered NPT threads like the drain does. Keep this in mind when buying your fittings. The barb is 3/8" sized while the elbow is 1/4" so your supply line ID size will need to change accordingly.

Perfect addition to my jockeybox!

Installed this to my jockey box setup.The glass rinser and tray itself is something I don't see many jockey boxes have so this is extremely cool to me! It is powered by a 1.1GPM diaphragm pump. Its native cutoff pressure is 35psi, which is way to high for the rinser. I added an adjustable pressure switch with NO/NC/CO terminals to regulate the pressure to 15PSI, the recommended pressure. For some added flare I installed some waterproof LEDs that switch between red and blue with the rinser on standby vs in use. Made possible by a SPDT relay. All the components run on 12VDC. Being that a jockey box is often in the field at a home-brew festival, or even out in the backyard, the system had portability in mind.

Quality Product!

I have two of these, one for my jockey box and one for my keezer. Each are powered by a 1.1GPM on demand diaphragm pump. Instead of the straight barb adapter pictured, I ordered a 90 degree elbow as I had clearance issues for my applications. Not pictured but are available from ACU. Very happy with the performance and ACU is great to work with! One of my glass rinsers I fabricated some custom waterproof 5050 LEDS that change color with the glass rinser function! You saw it it here first! Just saying! :-D

This tower is awesome!

Amanda is amazing! She made sure my tower got here in time for my annual After Thanksgiving Party. Check out the pictures! Sorry I don't know why they keep turning side ways.

First Class

Excellent quality independent of the great price - a true value in a growing market of low cost, low quality imports everywhere. Buy American! You will be happy with this purchase

24" Stainless Steel Flush Mount Drain Tray, w/ Double Drains

Great customer service. I needed to change my order and shipping options and they handled it with no hassles. The drain is great, exactly what I was looking for in a drain for my built-in kegeratror.

Amazing service

I am extremely satisfied with the above and beyond customer service on my last review the tool head let me down the manufacturer contacted me to ask me about my concerns and what had happened. I explained what happened they corrected the problem that I had with the tool and sent me a new one that I didn't even know it was coming free of charge 5 stars.
Thank you for standing behind your product 100%.

Tap tower came as promised and looks great. Can't wait to hook it up!

Good Quality

The product was just what I was looking for and the shipping was very fast.

Excellent product, service and delivery.

Title says it all. This company designs, builds and delivers great products.


It should be standard addition to any espresso machine. Solid, sturdy, well finished.

Drip Tray

I could not be any happier with this drip tray. I did struggle to find anyone that would send this kind of driptrays to Norway. I finally found ACU after alot of researching. The product is very well made, good craftmanship. It looks stunning. As I was ordering from outside the USA there were some communication with ACU and I have to say, I have never experienced a more helpfull, kind and informative customerservice that ACU. This is five stars, thumbs up!