Our Laser Cutter can cut a variety of Metal. This includes parts made out of:

Steel, Stainless Steel,  Aluminum, Titanium, Diamond Plate, Galvanized Steel, Tool Steel Spring steel, and many other possible type of materials

We are the Inland Empires Premier Laser Cutting and Metal Shop!


Customizable/ Unlimited Design. Precision-cut laser cuts in any shape.


Our sheet metal laser cutters ensure fabrication operation parts can be made at all times, or eliminate secondary processes in our metal shop.


ACU is known for its quality with our draft beer products. We present that same quality in every cut we do without laser cutter.
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Metal Artwork of Planes from March Air Force Base

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Custom Metal Artwork/ Signs

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Sport Trophies made out of Metal

Custom Laser Cutting with our 2 Cincinnati 6 Foot x 12 Foot Tables

Laser cutting produces parts by cutting sheet material using a laser beam. This cutting method uses a beam of high-density light energy focused through a tiny hole in a nozzle. When this beam strikes the surface of the metal, the metal where the light beam "cut" or "etched" is vaporized. This Produces a cut that you can only get with a precision machine. 

The end result is an awesome feeling that we have helped you produce your dream of creating a work of art. We offer many different ways to make a piece of metal look like a work of art; however, nothing is truly better than a laser cut part.

Having two laser cutting machines means we can cut multiple parts at once. Our cutting services are some of the best in the business. Coming from the industry of restaurant and draft beer, our products have to be of the highest quality in order to be used in the food industry. Our metal fabrication skills come into play when we laser cut our aluminum, steel, stainless steel or other metal parts.

There are advantages for any metal shop to offer laser cutting services; however, why settle for a basic design from other companies when we can create some of the most advanced pieces of laser cut metal artwork available. So please contact us for your free quote on your one-off, production, or a work of art for the project to stand out from the pack!

Commonly asked questions

Q: Can you Laser Cut Steel?

A: Yes!

Q: How much does it cost to get something laser cut?

A: Our quoting changes for the metal type, thickness, and part cut. Also if our engineering department has to draw a DXF file, if the file you have is correct and or has to be modified.

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