Draft Beer T- Tower | 3" Single Pedestal |12" Box 3 Hole Face Plate | S/S # 4

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"T" Style Draft Beer Tower - 3 Faucets - Stainless Steel

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T-Towers are designed to mount to one or more pedestals. Our Pedestals are 10" tall. T-Towers are made of 18 ga. Stainless Steel in #4 brushed finish. The removable face plate is used to attach beer lines as easily as possible. T-Towers come with Styrofoam and Rubatex insulation and Neoprene gaskets to aid in keeping product cold. Pedestals come in 3" diameter. The flanges on the pedestals are welded to the tubing thus eliminating dirt catches and producing a smooth seamless joint. The flanges are press formed from a single piece of material and have 4 countersunk holes for mounting. We supply the metal housing for that the beer lines go into. We do not include or sell taps or beer lines. We supply the suppliers of the Beer and Restaurant Industry of the finest stainless steel metal products since 1959.

  • Face Plate is Removable for Quick Installation of Beer Lines
  • Made In the USA
  • Flanges on the pedestals are welded to the tubing = NO Dirt Catching =)
  • 4 countersunk holes for mounting.
  • Stainless Steel in #4 brushed finish

T-Tower Drawing (Spec Sheet)


Customer Reviews

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This item was exactly what I was looking for at approximately $100 less than any competitor. Quality build that looks great in my dining room.

Homebrewer's Indulgence

I bought a used kegerator capable of holding three ball log kegs, and wanted a tower I could get into for cleaning and maintenance and gave me a nice tap display. The three tap tower was a larger investment than some simple tower - and I did not spring for the thicker steel - but after having #8 gauge for three months I am very happy with this investment!