13KGHT43 Brass Draft Beer One Faucet Tower | 4" Column | ACU Precision Sheet Metal
Draft Arm 4" X 13.5" Tall | Draft Beer Tower Column Tower | Brass - ACU Precision Sheet Metal
Draft Beer Column Tower Drawing

Brass 4" Draft Beer Tower Column Tower | 1 Faucet Beer Tower

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4" Column Draft Beer Tower - Brass - 1 Faucet draft beer tower. 

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This 4 inch Draft Beer Tower is a 4" X 13.5" Tower in Brass #8 Mirror Finish. Our Draft Arms come with Rubatex insulation and a Neoprene gasket to aid in keeping the product cold. The removable cap makes it easy to assemble. The flanges are welded to the tubing thus eliminating dirt catches and producing a smooth seamless joint. The flanges are press formed from a single piece of material and have 4 countersunk holes for mounting. This brass draft beer column tower is a one faucet tower for one tap of beer. 

  • Our Draft Arms WILL NOT catch dirt in our flange!
  • Rubatex insulation and a Neoprene gasket to aid in keeping the product cold.
  • Brass # 8 Mirror Finish
  • Draft beer towers are a perfect solution for your home bar.
  • Made in the USA!

Draft Beer Column Tower Drawing (Spec Sheet)

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