13KGHT43 3" Double Pedestal Draft Beer "T" Towers | ACU Precision Sheet Metal

3" Double Pedestal Draft Beer "T" Towers

View all of our draft beer 3" Double Pedestal Draft Beer "T" Towers. The towers come in stainless steel, brass, and mirrored polished stainless steel.

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Custom Draft Beer T-Towers

The T-Towers are designed to mount to one or more pedestals. T-Towers are made of 18 ga. Stainless Steel in #4 brushed or #8 mirror finish or 16 ga. Brass #8 mirror finish. T-Towers can be almost any length. The removable faceplate can have any variable faucet configuration you specify and can be easily replaced to change configuration. T-Towers come with Styrofoam and Rubatex insulation and Neoprene gaskets to aid in keeping product cold. Pedestals come in either 3" diameter. The flanges on the pedestals are welded to the tubing thus eliminating dirt catches and producing a smooth seamless joint. The flanges are press formed from a single piece of material and have 4 countersunk holes for mounting.

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