Coffee Drip Trays

ACU stands for American Coffee Urn. This is our legal named before we abbreviated to ACU. We shortened our name because the beer industry kept getting confused with our name. As we grew bigger, we never lost sight of our coffee customers.

Our drip trays can all be used with coffee dispensers. The new exiting brew technique is to have a “Nitro Brew” coffee or “Cold Brew” coffee. Our drip trays are labeled as draft beer drip trays; however, they serve the purpose of coffee drip trays. Please see below for some of our popular drip trays used in the coffee world.


Built-in glass rinser to Surface Mounts, Recessed trays, cut out trays, and wall mounts. Condition the glass before pouring your beer by inverting the glass and pushing down for water sprayer to rinse the inside of the glass with cooler water

Surface Mount drip trays sit on top of any counter-top or suitable surface that would be difficult or unnecessary for the liquid to be drained out.


Surface mount drip trays are the easiest to install. Only one hole is required through the counter-top for the drain line. The drip tray is secured with a nut and washer attached to the drain pipe.

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