About ACU

ACU has been a leading producer of metal products for the beverage and restaurant industry since 1959. Our engineers and fabricators have over the years designed and established many of the standards in use in the beverage industry today. 

We supply the suppliers of the restaurant and beer industry. We have been building bar equipment since our creation in 1959. We have designed many of the products that are seen in bars today.

We are a general sheet metal shop. We can produce any product out of metal. Our engineers and staff will use our imaginations with our CNC Laser, CNC Punch Press, CNC Press machines, and many others to create your metal product. However, our main passion is our restaurant and bar equipment. Our expertise and dedication to the draft beer industry has earned us a well-deserved reputation for outstanding quality and unparalleled service nationwide and overseas.

Draft Beer Drip Trays

Our draught beer drip tray prices, quality, and variation to our competitors are no comparison. Even though our prices are lower, we make sure all of the edges our metal are deburred for safety, our products are made in house in the USA, and we have sizes not offered by our competitors. Our selection of draft beer drip trays range from surface (with or without drain), recessed, cut out, mushroom, bevel edge, and wall mounts. We also can make any custom draught beer tray of your dreams.

Draft Beer Towers

We have made some of the most extravagant draft beer towers in the restaurant and bar industry. Check out some of our photos from our installers after the beer tower is complete. We have our standard beer towers, and we also have a custom department for beer towers. We have a whole separate department dedicated to fabricating and designing custom beer towers to give you that eye catching way to sell your beer. We do have our own standard product line of draft beer towers. We know that many different bars or home owners love the standard look of our beer towers. We have Column beer towers, T-towers with or without double service, Bridge tower, Metro towers, Pass Thru towers, and under bar dispensers. We have the draught beer tower you have been looking for.

Family owned & Operated

Family owned and operated since 1959


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We have earned the reputation to have the highest quality and service in the industry.

Made In the USA and Supported in America

All of our draft beer drip trays and draft beer towers are made in the USA!