Surface Mount Drip Trays with Drain for Draft Beer


The (SMD) Surface Mount with Drain style drip trays are designed to sit on the top of any suitable surface for catching all excess draft beer or any other liquid while draining liquid (draft beer) from the built in drain.

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Custom Surface Mount Draft Beer Drip Trays

Surface mount drip trays are the easiest to install. Only one hole is required through the countertop for the drain line. The drip tray is secured with a nut and washer attached to the drain pipe.

ACU Precision Sheet Metal offers an outstanding collection of durable drip trays ready for a variety of installations. Determine the style and finish of drip tray to fit your needs and we will make your order our priority as we treat everyone as family. Our drip trays are constructed of durable stainless steel for longevity. Always check with your health department regulations for proper installation.

Custom Surface Mount Draft Beer Tray with No Drain
Custom 5
Custom 5
Custom 5
Custom 8
Custom Surface Mount with Double Drain
Custom Surface Mount Drip Tray with Glass Rinser
Custom Draft Beer Drip Tray with Double Rinser and Double Drain
Custom 5
Draft Beer Metro Beer Drip Tray
Draft Beer Metro Drip Tray with Rinser cut out and Drain
Custom Perforated Screen for Draft Beer Drip Trays
Custom Perforated Screen with Glass Rinser Hole
Custom Perforated Screen with Double Glass Rinser Holes
Draft Beer Cobra Drip Tray