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Economy Draft Arm 3
Economy Draft Arm 3" X 12" | 3 Faucet Draft Beer Tower Column Tower S/S # 6
$ 85.78
"Economy" Draft Arm 3" X 12" Tall | 3 Faucet Hole Draft Beer Tower Column Tower S/S # 6  *Please allow up to 2 weeks for this product to ship*  This Draft Arm (Draft Beer Tower) is a 3" X 12" Tower in Stainless Steel #6 Brushed Finish. The removable cap makes it easy to assemble. The flanges are welded to the tubing. The flanges have 4 countersunk holes for mounting. This is our Economy Model that is a popular seller that is still made of good quality. Our standard Draft Beer Column Tower can be found online as well (our standard tower has the seamless joint) this tower does not. This column tower is for three faucets of draft beer. Stainless Steel # 6 Finish Made in the USA! Draft beer Column towers are a perfect solution for your home bar

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