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Draft Beer Towers and Draft Beer Drip Trays


Here is a catalog of ACU's Standard restaurant and bar products. For the best in Beer Drip Trays and Beer Towers, it’s ACU Precision Sheet Metal!


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Draft Beer Drip Trays

Draft Beer Towers

Draft Beer Bar Parts

Java Jugs

Restaurant Tables

Air Pot Racks


Draft Beer Drip Trays

ACU Precision Sheet Metal has an amazing collection of durable drip trays ready for a variety of installations. Please consider what finish will compliment the bar being installed and the style drip tray to be used.


Draft Beer Towers

ACU Precision Sheet Metal wants you to complement your bar or home and set the mood with our large selection of draft beer towers. Take pride in your pours and choose the best beer tap tower for you!


Draft Beer Parts

ACU Precision Sheet Metal sells replacement draft beer rinsers for drip trays. We also sell water pressure regulators and have drain bolt kits for all of our draft beer drip trays.


Restaurant Tables

ACU Precision Sheet Metal Restaurant Prep tables are the highest quality Stainless Steel that you can put to the test time after time again. Our tables come with a drain and without a drain (flattop) based on what will be standing upon your ACU table.


Java Jugs

ACU Precision Sheet Metal has a long term history with coffee, hints the name American Coffee Urn, we have put time into creating java jugs that people from the Hollywood movie industry use on set. Not only does Hollywood know how good our products are, every single person that has bought a java jug loves to use it for private parties and gatherings!


Air Pot Racks

As stated above, ACU Precision Sheet Metal has a long term history with coffee, hints the name American Coffee Urn. Our Air Pot Racks, have stood the test of time. These were some of our first products, and they are still a seller as of today.


Take a look at our products. Remember that if you don’t see what you are looking for we will build it! Just give us a call at 951-943-1495 or send an email to [email protected], or visit our Quote page and Submit an Online quote, because we have probably built what you are thinking of before.


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