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Draft Beer Drip Trays

Beer Drip Tray Pans from ACU Precision Sheet Metal.


For the best in Beer Drip Trays, it’s ACU Precision Sheet Metal! We’ve got a wide variety of Drip Trays ranging from Surface Mount, Bevel Edge, Wall Mount, Flush Mounts and more, we’ve got the Beer Drip tray your bar needs! ACU Precision Sheet Metal has the right Beer Drip Tray for you and your bar right here at

ACU Precision Sheet Metal and if you do not see what you may need we can build any custom drip tray for you!


Please Click on any of the following drip pans to view all our selected products.


All Trays can be made out of Stainless Steel # 4 Brushed Finish, Stainless Steel #8 Mirror Finish, and or Brass # 8 Mirror Finish.


Surface Mounts


Surface Mounts with Drain (SMD)

Flush Mounts with Drain (FMD)

Surface Mounts with Cutouts

(No Drain, Drain, and Mushroom)

Bevel Edge w Drain


Wall Mounted

Drip Trays

Shadow Boxes

Overhang Trays

"Wrap Around Tray"


Surface Mounts with No Drains

Surface Mount drip trays sit on top of any counter-top or suitable surface that would be difficult or unnecessary for the liquid to be drained out.


Surface Mounts with Drains

Surface mount drip trays are the easiest to install. Only one hole is required through the counter-top for the drain line. The drip tray is secured with a nut and washer attached to the drain pipe.


Cut-out Drip Trays

The Cut-out series is named for its design of following the flange of the our Draft Beer Draft Arm Tower. The advantage of this style is better drip coverage for the faucets. Only one hole is required through the counter-top for the drain line. The drip tray is secured with a nut and washer attached to the drain pipe.


Flush Mounted Trays “Recessed Trays”

Recessed trays provide a clutter free presentation for the bar top. The disadvantage is in installing, a large rectangle needs to be cut into the counter top. The tray is secured to the counter with silicon sealant.


Bevel Edge Drip Trays

The Bevel Edge drip tray ads flare to your already awesome bar. The edges of the tray are slanted creating a designers look by the draft beer tower.


Wall Mounted Drip Trays

Wall mount drip trays are an excellent choice for outside of a walk-in cooler. Shanks with faucets are mounted through the drip tray directly into the walk-in. We offer a variety of pre-punched shank holes for an easy installation.


Shadow Boxes

Utilizing a shadow box to transfer cold air around the shanks instead of the beer heating up in an uninsulated wall space. A shadow box creates an extruded pocket in the walk-in wall containing the beer connections. Using a shadow box to transfer cold air around the shanks instead of the beer warming up in uninsulated wall space is a choice you will not regret.


Overhang Drip Trays “Wrap Around Drip Trays”

The Wrap Around mounts under the tower and cantilevers over the bar edge. A threaded drain is included.


Take a look at our popular trays that you can buy in the preceding pages! Remember that if you don’t see what you are looking for we will build it! Just give us a call at 951-943-1495 or send an email to [email protected] we have probably have built your drip tray that you envision


Custom Beer Drip Pans

Specialty Trays

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